Derrick (willingxwell) wrote,

hey everyone,

hope everyone is doing good,

lets see wuts been going on the past few weeks:

-Stadium Arcadium is freaken ownage! the cds are sooooo good =]

-Choir concerts the past two fridays. both were pretty good =]

wut the hell have i been up to lately?

-HW left and right from all my acedemic classes-.- man i just want this year to end already. im so tired and it seems like i lost the will to work. it'll come back to me....not anytime soon tho =P

-Band practice. san francisco is about a week away =D im sooooo excited!!! i cant wait!! i hope we get gold!!! i luv band trips!! usually a highlight of my year

-songwriting....strange huh? i never expected to do any songwriting when i picked up the guitar. now i try to do so whenever i can. sadly, i suck with lyrics, therefore, i have none. but i have alot of chords hahaha =] which reminds me....IF ANYONE HAS A TAPE RECORDER I CAN BORROW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

-thin longs. learning basslines left and right. working on my bass technique. practices here and there. i feel so comfortable practicing and playing with these guys. i wanna play a show already dammit! lol

haha thats about it i guess. alot of crap going on every week.

wut to look forward to:
-play days! jazz band's playing this saturday at noon so please come and support!

-remember i need prom pictures from ALL OF U!! =D


-the year is really coming to an end. after the trip, its a week of studying, then finals, then its a senior in about a month. ridiculous isnt it? high school goes by so fast....
fucking college -.-

until next time......
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