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hmmmm.....well lets see wut happened this week:

hours of rehearsal
hours of hw
hours of other things
=stressed out =[


lets see, monday, had rehearsal till 6. went to a meeting regarding AP classes next year
tuesday, busy busy busy
wednesday, more rehearsal till 6. i had to skip the college fair for a band meeting at city hall regarding our performance on the 8th of april.
thursday, got some pictures taken for the program for the musical. had jazz for two hours, then did hw till 1:30
friday, more rehearsal, till 6 x_x
saturday, rehearsal from 9-2 x____x

i hope all turns out well
i hope all this rehearsal pays off
i hope for no more fucking rain >=O

wut to look forward to:
march is gonna be hell =[=[

until next time..........
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