Derrick (willingxwell) wrote,

i havent updated in like 5 years -__- haha

wuts been going on:

-school: senior year is quite busy. I'm quite the busy bee this year -_- alot of my friends just go to class and leave after 5th period while i manage to go to 2 more classes. haha o well, its not bad. hopefully the 7 classes will pay off in the end.

-house: well i havent updated in forever cuz my house is still getting remodeled. there is no internet at my grandma's house so i have to find time to go to places like tapioca express to go online. well they painted my house already and installed new windows and demolished everything in my house, now we're just waiting for the tiles to arrive. they need to put new tiles in my kitchen and bathrooms, then after they put the new hardwood floor and install 3 new sinks, we'll be done. i think ill have my house back in about 2-3 weeks. MY ROOM IS NOW PURPLE! its dope!! xD

-band: busy as usual haha. also building haha.

until next time......
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