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hey everyone,

an update:

-had a full week of band camp last week. we worked our asses off practicing our fieldshow for 5 days. i guess the practice pays off. a few more new people came, which was great. we're working on a classical fieldshow this year, so i hope we pull off a good show. we did a hell of alot of marching practice for 5 days so that paid off quite alot. i just hope we can pull together before tri city and our parades.

-registration was tuesday. so me david and victor wang went during band camp. took fucking forever as usual -_- so my schedule as of now:

1. computer keyboarding o.O ???
2. contemporary themes (sutton)
3. government (chavez)
4. band (bartlett)
5. AP music theory (bartlett)
6. Alg. IIB (rapp)
7. Orchestra/Jazz Band (bartlett)

when i got my sample schedule, i was missing a first period. i originally wanted piano, but piano was 2nd period, so my counseler told me to come back when skool started to see if she could move me to piano. so she gave me computer keyboarding for now -__-

-friday was the last day of band camp. which was great, cuz i get to sleep in for a week and a half =P after band camp, a few of us headed over to pasadena's cheesecake factory for the birthday celebration of anita, susan, and manny =]we stuffed our faces with delicious food and awesome cheesecake =] happy birthday susan, anita, and manny =] hope u guys had a nice birthday dinner =]

wut to look forward to: so this coming week, im free....well kinda.... lol i still have SAT class BUT its only 2 days.
i get my permit this week =]
our first football game this friday =] al-fucking-ready! skool hasnt even started yet! -_____-

lets hang out!

until next time..............
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