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seems like i havent updated in a while, hope everyone's doing good =D

wuts been goin on lately:

-Summer Skool: Trigonometry is by far the most boring math subject ive ever taken -____________-' IT DOESNT EVEN USE FUCKING NUMBERS! lol the gay part is the fact that i have summer skool right in the middle of my day =[=[=[=[=[=[ save me!

-SAT courses: not so bad, my essay writing has gotten better after a few sessions so im happy about that =] my teacher's pretty dope so thats an up side.

-Thin Longs: HELP US PLEASE =I the fact that we need our own bass amp has overshadowed the band =[ and i have no money to buy one =[=[ so if anyone can help us, please contact me, it'll be greatly appreciated. other then that its going pretty good. I wanna play a show, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

other then all that, summer's been pretty kick back i guess, despite all the work -.- i miss everyone i see at skool =[ lets hang out!

wut to look forward to:
-July 28th: LAST DAY OF TRIG -.-' cant wait, 10 more days of madness x_x lets hope i dont crack

-Ya know wuts ridiculous? im taking my freaken senior portrait in like 5 days =O im still shocked at the fact that im a senior now. ridiculous man! its like, where did all that time go? o well

-band camp =] something to look forward to, cant wait to meet all these new people =]

until next time........
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