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hey everyone,

so wuts been up lately?

-Well seems like after the band trip, there's two things left for the skool year: Graduation, & Finals.

-After the trip, band really has one last official gig: graduation. so we continue to practice and get better for one last performance with our awesome seniors.

-Fuck You Finals

past few days:

-monday, we had a jazz clinic with this professional upright bass player, "Veikko Lepisto" dope name haha. the guy's a super pro on upright bass and played everywhere. gave us some tips about jazz n such. I even got a chance to e-mail him. HE WENT TO MI O_O fuck i really wanna go there.

-tuesday, concert on the green with jazz band at lunch. it was fun i guess.

-wednesday, got recognition from the city about our some enchanted evening gig a while back.

-thursday, concert on the green with orchestra. it was alrite. also, concert of original work afterskool. alot of fun. even got to jam with dylan, albert and ryan. it was a pleasure haha. the same nite, went to my cousin's graduation ALL THE WAY in fucking diamond bar. it was cool i guess. got home at 11:30 x_x didnt finish my hw till 2 x_________x

-friday, today was the last day of skool for our dearest seniors. it didnt really hit me till i entered the band room during 4th where everyone was crying =[ an emotional period. And afterskool, i managed to sign the yearbooks i didnt get a chance to sign. Man, seniors, im really gonna miss all u guys, especially u band seniors, u kno who u are. We've had alot of good times and ill never forget them.

things to look forward to:

-Summer's gonna be ownage!!!

-Band banquet!

until next time............
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