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hey everyone,

the past 4-5 days, i've been in san francisco with the band on our spring trip. it was sooooo much fun. i had a great time.

so wut happened:

-thursday: left EARLY in the morning. literally slept for about 6 of the 8 hours on the bus x_x we first arrived at UC Berkeley for a clinic. got to meet the music director of berkeley. afterwards, we went to pier 39 for dinner, took a cable car ride around the city to get a taste of san francisco. afterwards we headed for our hotel, which was like an hour away from san francisco. the hotel was QUITE FANCY. each room was a freaken suite!

-friday: left in the morning for our clinic at Stanford. got to meet the director of Stanford's wind ensemble. afterwards, went to pier 39 for a jazz gig. super fun. i've always wanted to play on the street to get the feel of a street musician. it was great. after jazz, we explored the pier for the rest of the day, then had dinner at the pier, thus, heading back to the hotel.

-saturday: FESTIVAL the big day. got up early, went to foothill college for the festival. overall i thought it was pretty good. concert band, i've never felt so good playing our two pieces ever. it just felt so good. jazz band was alot of fun as well. percussion ensemble was awesome. after performing, went to lunch, then walked the golden gate bridge x_x damn it was cold there. i think im sick cuz of the stupid winds. afterwards we headed for the awards ceremony at Great America. we got silver in everything: concert band, jazz band, percussion ensemble. i was pretty happy considering the dramatic improvement from last year. afterwards, we headed back for the hotel.

-sunday: woke up at 5:30 x_______x we loaded the bus, ate and checked out of the hotel. we headed for pier 41 to embark on our tour of Alcatraz Island. interesting stuff. more then a prison if u kno wut i mean. after our tour we had lunch at the pier, went to buy some fancy chocolate, and left san francisco about 2:30. the ride home was ok, wish i got more sleep tho. watched remember the titans....finally -.- really good movie. got home at about 9. it felt good sleeping on my own bed after four days on the floor -.-

overall, it was probably one of the best trips i've been on. had alot of laughs and good times.
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