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[17 Dec 2006|11:24am]
wow i havent updated in quite a long while haha
i hope everyone is doing good.

-my house is finally finished. i lived in it for about a week now and its been great. after two months of living with my grandparents, its good to be back =] everything inside is brandnew. we painted the outside and it looks great. i love my room =D everything is back to normal now.

-school is busy as hell. everyday there's something. i'm just glad winter break is rite around the corner -.-'

-band is doing great. we had our winter concert friday and i had soooo much fun =] thanks to all who came =D

until next time.....
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[25 Oct 2006|12:18am]
i havent updated in like 5 years -__- haha

wuts been going on:

-school: senior year is quite busy. I'm quite the busy bee this year -_- alot of my friends just go to class and leave after 5th period while i manage to go to 2 more classes. haha o well, its not bad. hopefully the 7 classes will pay off in the end.

-house: well i havent updated in forever cuz my house is still getting remodeled. there is no internet at my grandma's house so i have to find time to go to places like tapioca express to go online. well they painted my house already and installed new windows and demolished everything in my house, now we're just waiting for the tiles to arrive. they need to put new tiles in my kitchen and bathrooms, then after they put the new hardwood floor and install 3 new sinks, we'll be done. i think ill have my house back in about 2-3 weeks. MY ROOM IS NOW PURPLE! its dope!! xD

-band: busy as usual haha. also building haha.

until next time......
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[17 Sep 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | blank ]


man, talk about a crazy week. let's recap:

-well skool started last wednesday. my classes are relatively easy and lite. Only Music Theory AP and government are kinda challenging. other then that, my classes are good.

(first full week of skool)
monday: 7 classes + band practice till about 6:30. talk about a tiring monday x_x

tuesday: i had to skip 7th period tuesday to go to the dmv. i finally got my permit! =D so now i can start learning how to drive, and hopefully once it hits febuary, ill have my license. =]

wednesday: 7 classes and band booster meeting at 6. talked about alot of things for the band this year and met a few parents. got home at 8:30, did hw till 12 x_x

thursday: 7 full classes + afterskool sectional. after the sectional was the BLACK KEYS xD after the sectional, i went to chris's house to chill for a while, then headed off to the avalon at about 7 or so. met up with sammy, hilary, edgar, and mario. i must say it was an awesome show. we were freaken front and center! =D and they did all the songs i wanted to hear. so the show ended at about 11 and i got home at midnite x____x i still had hw so i worked till about 1:30-2 x______x note to anyone reading this: never go to a show on a weekday unless its the summer -_________-

friday: thank god. haha had class, then went to guitar center afterskool with dr. b to get new cymbals for the old drumset. afterwards, went with matt, teresa, and karen to matt's house to chill for a while. then went to UCLA with them to help matt's sister move stuff to her new dorm. went to this cool little pizza place in westwood, then moved stuff, and came home at about midnight. good bye matthew williams. good luck and have fun @ Poly =]

saturday: woke up at about 9 or so. went to johnny thompsons in the morning with shaun and mallory to get a new bass drum head for his drumset. little did we kno that it costs 53 fucking dollars for a damn head! >=O we left and went back to shaun's house, and used a different bass drum instead. after practicing for a while, we figured we'd go to guitar center to get a cheaper head. and we did haha. then went to mikie's to practice for a while, and went to gutar center....AGAIN -.-' haha came back, played a little more, watched a little tv and came home at about 12:30.

our demo is done! =D i must say i am quite satisfied with it =] haha if anyone wants a copy, talk to me.

overall, it was quite a busy week. i hope things ease up haha.

wut to look forward to:

-im moving in to my grandma's house in a week so my house can get completely remodeled.

-UCLA band day =D cant wait =]

-SAT's in october -____________- lets hope i get a better score then i did last time... i really need it.

until next time......

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[03 Sep 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | wutever =I ]


-monday: stayed at home cleaning most of the day. our giant remodeling project begins sept. 18th, so we have to move all our shit out of the way for the workers to tear down and rebuild the inside of our house. cant wait till it's all done =] at nite, went to class, then met up with sammy, dylan, ryan, noah, and a few others to go eat. nice seeing everyone again =]

-tuesday: went to sea world with mother, father, and sister. i was quite tired after we left, but man it was fun =] those sea lions were dope! xD and i had dinner at 11 that nite cuz we were being cheap asses x_x

-wednesday: stayed home to clean out my room and to study for the dmv written test for my permit.

-thursday: went to the dmv. i didnt get to take my test >=O i was mad at first, but wutever. turns out i needed signatures from both my parents and my dad was at work, so they were being super anal about it. man that guy i talked to was a damn jerk! hope i never see him again! so i have to go back in 2 weeks. -_- afterwards, went to SAT class, then had a last minute practice/jam at mikie's; something we havent done in a long while haha. t'was nice playing again =]

-friday: cleaned in the morning. afternoon went to over to jocelin's house to chill for a while and to finish up my "friend of the night" arrangement on Finale' software. im done! =D finally!lol took me forever but its pretty much finished. at about 4 or so, headed to the bandroom for our first football game. Orange Coast college, damn that was far as fuck! our team lost. wut a way to kick off the season -_- lets hope they do better then that nite. got home at about 11.

-saturday: went shopping with teresa and anita cuz i needed new shoes. struck out -____- lol so we're gonna try again monday. afterwards, went to karen's house to play donkey konga. man thats a hard game! x_x games dont like me =P thus, i suck haha. then went to some family dinner thing and came home.

it was an ok week i guess.....skool starts next week. fuck! no more sleeping in =[ but o well.

wut to look forward to:
skool starts wednesday -__- o well, senior year! it'll be nice seeing all the keppel faces again =]

The black keys! sept. 14! @ the avalon! cant wait! xD

until next time.........

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[26 Aug 2006|10:56pm]
[ mood | .__. ]

hey everyone,

an update:

-had a full week of band camp last week. we worked our asses off practicing our fieldshow for 5 days. i guess the practice pays off. a few more new people came, which was great. we're working on a classical fieldshow this year, so i hope we pull off a good show. we did a hell of alot of marching practice for 5 days so that paid off quite alot. i just hope we can pull together before tri city and our parades.

-registration was tuesday. so me david and victor wang went during band camp. took fucking forever as usual -_- so my schedule as of now:

1. computer keyboarding o.O ???
2. contemporary themes (sutton)
3. government (chavez)
4. band (bartlett)
5. AP music theory (bartlett)
6. Alg. IIB (rapp)
7. Orchestra/Jazz Band (bartlett)

when i got my sample schedule, i was missing a first period. i originally wanted piano, but piano was 2nd period, so my counseler told me to come back when skool started to see if she could move me to piano. so she gave me computer keyboarding for now -__-

-friday was the last day of band camp. which was great, cuz i get to sleep in for a week and a half =P after band camp, a few of us headed over to pasadena's cheesecake factory for the birthday celebration of anita, susan, and manny =]we stuffed our faces with delicious food and awesome cheesecake =] happy birthday susan, anita, and manny =] hope u guys had a nice birthday dinner =]

wut to look forward to: so this coming week, im free....well kinda.... lol i still have SAT class BUT its only 2 days.
i get my permit this week =]
our first football game this friday =] al-fucking-ready! skool hasnt even started yet! -_____-

lets hang out!

until next time..............

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[18 Aug 2006|08:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Hey everyone,


-WE FINALLY RECORDED OUR DEMO! haha last sunday, we met up with chris's uncle and we recorded a 4 track demo. It turned out pretty well and it was alot of fun. I cant wait to see how it turns out after he mixes it. I realized how the recording environment is really different from the live environment. U get a totally different feel and its not the same vibe at all. I guess it's something to get use to.

-Went out of town for 3 days (monday to wednesday)and took a small trip to lake tahoe/reno. After a 10 hour drive, we finally got to reno and did this and that. It was pretty nice. Did alot of sight-seeing and i went jet-skiing in tahoe =]

-Thursday, did a little shopping for gifts with anita, then went to a farewell party for grace and a few of her friends.

-Today, went to see Talladega Nights with linda and june =] very funny =D

overall, it was a pretty nice week =]

wut to look forward to:
more band camp monday =]
damn...skool's starting soon =[ senior year x_______x

until next time.......

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[03 Aug 2006|09:20pm]
[ mood | TAF ]

well lets recap:

-busy as FUCK!! >< its like holy crap! ive never been hit with so much stress up the ass =I but its ok, things got better. Damn thinking about college 24/7.
Damn thinking about skoolwork.
Damn SAT work.

-its true, im a freaken senior now and everything's been slapping me in the face. Wut the hell am i gonna do after highskool? Wut if the Musician's Institute says i suck and rejects me? wut am i gonna do?? i kno it seems kinda lame i have my priorities set to one skool, but it would be a dream come true to get in.I've been doing alot of research and checkin out other skools. Nothing has beat MI's program. Its just everything i want out of music is in that skool. I just wanna send in my fucking application already and get it over with =[ i just hope i get better in time and i hope they like my audition tape.

-SAT work: SAT work has been up the ass the past few weeks. its funny, i only meet with this guy twice a week for 2 hours but the amount of work he gives me is insane! I've been up till two some nites. lets hope i score better then i did the last time...

-Band camp: well, something to look forward to.It was nice seeing everyone again. alumni, returning bandmembers, u make me happy =] so far so good. today was day two and a few more people came today. U freshman are so shy! xD hopefully they'll enjoy the program.

-We're remodeling our house! my mom told me two nights ago. i wish she told me sooner -.- i wouldnt have been so shocked. well i guess its good cuz we havent done anything to my house in like 10 years. we've just lived here and delt with our problems. So my dad's been on the phone every freaken night callin up contractors and all these people lookin for deals. The deal is, my stucco ceiling is gonna be gone =] new hardwood flooring =] demolishing the old and rebuilding 2 brand new bathrooms =] ripping my kitchen apart to build a brand new kitchen =] interior paint =] and my room is getting an extra window =] im excited! the slightly bad part of this story is......... the whole project is gonna take roughly 2 months....the earliest things can get started is early september..... so im most likely gonna live at my grandma's house by freaken ELAC o.o and the problem is i dont kno how to get to skool =[ my parents said it would be a huge hassle, so i gotta figure something out before skool starts. it is also quite possible that i will have absolutely NO INTERNET ACCESS FOR TWO FUCKING MONTHS!!! >=O I dont kno how hell im gonna survive. we'll see wut happens.

so wut to look forward to:
-Well its settled. Chris finally got a hold of his uncle and we can finally record our demo! so we're hoping to do so possibly next saturday. i cant wait =]

-more band camp =]

-im getting my permit some time next week =] cant wait to start driving already...

-i think i might be going on like a 3 day trip with my parents the week where we dont have band camp...

until next time..........

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[23 Jul 2006|02:20pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey everyone,

so a recap:

-trig is horrible x________x i cant wait to get out of there. 5 more days =D

-Food Poisoning sucks ass x_x i had leftovers friday morning and while i was taking the bus to class my stomach started feeling a little awkward. THEN this STUPID old lady gets on the bus and has the WORST smelling perfume ever! and that just triggered it -_________- i got off the bus, ran into mc donald's restroom and threw up horribly =[=[=[ i hope that never happens ever again.

-The Beach Boys were amazing =D

-Otomoto show yesterday. superb as usual =]

-I took my senior portrait wednesday =I i was like! lol but it was pretty fast and i cant believe i have to pay for the actual prints after that retarded sitting fee. 55 bucks! fucking insane! x_x

other then that, just alot of trig and SAT work =[ nothing much lately.

wut to look forward to:
band camp is coming up soon =]

until next time.........

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[14 Jul 2006|09:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

seems like i havent updated in a while, hope everyone's doing good =D

wuts been goin on lately:

-Summer Skool: Trigonometry is by far the most boring math subject ive ever taken -____________-' IT DOESNT EVEN USE FUCKING NUMBERS! lol the gay part is the fact that i have summer skool right in the middle of my day =[=[=[=[=[=[ save me!

-SAT courses: not so bad, my essay writing has gotten better after a few sessions so im happy about that =] my teacher's pretty dope so thats an up side.

-Thin Longs: HELP US PLEASE =I the fact that we need our own bass amp has overshadowed the band =[ and i have no money to buy one =[=[ so if anyone can help us, please contact me, it'll be greatly appreciated. other then that its going pretty good. I wanna play a show, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

other then all that, summer's been pretty kick back i guess, despite all the work -.- i miss everyone i see at skool =[ lets hang out!

wut to look forward to:
-July 28th: LAST DAY OF TRIG -.-' cant wait, 10 more days of madness x_x lets hope i dont crack

-Ya know wuts ridiculous? im taking my freaken senior portrait in like 5 days =O im still shocked at the fact that im a senior now. ridiculous man! its like, where did all that time go? o well

-band camp =] something to look forward to, cant wait to meet all these new people =]

until next time........

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[25 Jun 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hope everyone's enjoying their summer =]

first week of summer- pretty chill overall i guess.

monday, went to my SAT prep course for the first time. it wasnt as bad as i thought. my instructor really seems like he wants to help me so i hope i get a higher score when i take it again.

tuesday, band banquet =]

wednesday, had about half a day of thin long practice for a show the next day.

thursday, gig at john muir: it was actually my first actual stage show and i had fun =] technical issues during the end of our set, but it was cool. got to meet some cool bands and i hope we get to play again soon =]

friday, slept for most of the day x_x

saturday, stayed at home most of the day, went to victor's house and watched automoto and 2 other groups play that nite. good stuff =]

today, slept for quite a while and went to a friend's house.

i wish summer would be just as relaxing as this week. stupid TRIG! FUCK! ><

wut to look forward to:



until next time.........

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[22 Jun 2006|02:07pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hey there

hmmmmmmmmmm recap:

SKOOL's OUT Junior Year is over -.-' finally. I'm gonna miss it tho. The work, (well maybe not the work) The People, the fun i had, alot of good times. Hopefully next year will be the same, if not, even better.Can u believe im a senior now??? o.O

Finals were actually pretty ok. Studied my ass off and i passed all my classes =D i passed geometry! now i can graduate!

The day before finals, i got a virus on my computer. my computer is now dead. but i guess that was for the better considering i passed everything. AND i got a new laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So studying does pay off =]

Summer: I thought it was gonna be pretty chill. stupid me, was i wrong -.-' Lets see, SAT prep is a must, not too bad tho, only 2 days in the week. TRIG?!?!?! WUT THE FUCK ARE MY PARENTS THINKING?!?! gonna start soon -.- and a grip of SAT practice work -.- fucking SAT's.

banquet: band banquet was 2 days ago. i must say it was quite alot of fun. amazing food (if only they gave more), awards, and watching seniors open gifts =D anita, susan,wanda, rammy, u are geniuses. U seniors will be missed.

wut to look forward to:
Thin Longs
thursday night @7pm
John Muir High School
come if ur not doing anything for a night of music

until next time......

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[09 Jun 2006|11:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey everyone,

so wuts been up lately?

-Well seems like after the band trip, there's two things left for the skool year: Graduation, & Finals.

-After the trip, band really has one last official gig: graduation. so we continue to practice and get better for one last performance with our awesome seniors.

-Fuck You Finals

past few days:

-monday, we had a jazz clinic with this professional upright bass player, "Veikko Lepisto" dope name haha. the guy's a super pro on upright bass and played everywhere. gave us some tips about jazz n such. I even got a chance to e-mail him. HE WENT TO MI O_O fuck i really wanna go there.

-tuesday, concert on the green with jazz band at lunch. it was fun i guess.

-wednesday, got recognition from the city about our some enchanted evening gig a while back.

-thursday, concert on the green with orchestra. it was alrite. also, concert of original work afterskool. alot of fun. even got to jam with dylan, albert and ryan. it was a pleasure haha. the same nite, went to my cousin's graduation ALL THE WAY in fucking diamond bar. it was cool i guess. got home at 11:30 x_x didnt finish my hw till 2 x_________x

-friday, today was the last day of skool for our dearest seniors. it didnt really hit me till i entered the band room during 4th where everyone was crying =[ an emotional period. And afterskool, i managed to sign the yearbooks i didnt get a chance to sign. Man, seniors, im really gonna miss all u guys, especially u band seniors, u kno who u are. We've had alot of good times and ill never forget them.

things to look forward to:

-Summer's gonna be ownage!!!

-Band banquet!

until next time............

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[29 May 2006|11:19am]
[ mood | =] ]

hey everyone,

the past 4-5 days, i've been in san francisco with the band on our spring trip. it was sooooo much fun. i had a great time.

so wut happened:

-thursday: left EARLY in the morning. literally slept for about 6 of the 8 hours on the bus x_x we first arrived at UC Berkeley for a clinic. got to meet the music director of berkeley. afterwards, we went to pier 39 for dinner, took a cable car ride around the city to get a taste of san francisco. afterwards we headed for our hotel, which was like an hour away from san francisco. the hotel was QUITE FANCY. each room was a freaken suite!

-friday: left in the morning for our clinic at Stanford. got to meet the director of Stanford's wind ensemble. afterwards, went to pier 39 for a jazz gig. super fun. i've always wanted to play on the street to get the feel of a street musician. it was great. after jazz, we explored the pier for the rest of the day, then had dinner at the pier, thus, heading back to the hotel.

-saturday: FESTIVAL the big day. got up early, went to foothill college for the festival. overall i thought it was pretty good. concert band, i've never felt so good playing our two pieces ever. it just felt so good. jazz band was alot of fun as well. percussion ensemble was awesome. after performing, went to lunch, then walked the golden gate bridge x_x damn it was cold there. i think im sick cuz of the stupid winds. afterwards we headed for the awards ceremony at Great America. we got silver in everything: concert band, jazz band, percussion ensemble. i was pretty happy considering the dramatic improvement from last year. afterwards, we headed back for the hotel.

-sunday: woke up at 5:30 x_______x we loaded the bus, ate and checked out of the hotel. we headed for pier 41 to embark on our tour of Alcatraz Island. interesting stuff. more then a prison if u kno wut i mean. after our tour we had lunch at the pier, went to buy some fancy chocolate, and left san francisco about 2:30. the ride home was ok, wish i got more sleep tho. watched remember the titans....finally -.- really good movie. got home at about 9. it felt good sleeping on my own bed after four days on the floor -.-

overall, it was probably one of the best trips i've been on. had alot of laughs and good times.

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[18 May 2006|09:39pm]
hey everyone,

hope everyone is doing good,

lets see wuts been going on the past few weeks:

-Stadium Arcadium is freaken ownage! the cds are sooooo good =]

-Choir concerts the past two fridays. both were pretty good =]

wut the hell have i been up to lately?

-HW left and right from all my acedemic classes-.- man i just want this year to end already. im so tired and it seems like i lost the will to work. it'll come back to me....not anytime soon tho =P

-Band practice. san francisco is about a week away =D im sooooo excited!!! i cant wait!! i hope we get gold!!! i luv band trips!! usually a highlight of my year

-songwriting....strange huh? i never expected to do any songwriting when i picked up the guitar. now i try to do so whenever i can. sadly, i suck with lyrics, therefore, i have none. but i have alot of chords hahaha =] which reminds me....IF ANYONE HAS A TAPE RECORDER I CAN BORROW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

-thin longs. learning basslines left and right. working on my bass technique. practices here and there. i feel so comfortable practicing and playing with these guys. i wanna play a show already dammit! lol

haha thats about it i guess. alot of crap going on every week.

wut to look forward to:
-play days! jazz band's playing this saturday at noon so please come and support!

-remember i need prom pictures from ALL OF U!! =D


-the year is really coming to an end. after the trip, its a week of studying, then finals, then its a senior in about a month. ridiculous isnt it? high school goes by so fast....
fucking college -.-

until next time......
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[07 May 2006|12:30pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hope all is going well for everyone =]

havent updated in a while, alot's been going on:

-spring concert: pretty good =] little difficulties here and there, but i had alot of fun, so thats all that matters. now to get better with our competition pieces.

-testing: i hate block schedule so much, sitting in the same class for 2 fucking hours x_x its a nightmare in english and 2 fucking math classes! >=O testing's over, but block schedule still continues, FUCK

-prom: no prom for me this year =/
1. really really really really broke, this is wut happens when u blow ur money on a new guitar -.-
2. im not too clear about wut happened with the tickets, but there's no more.
i dont really give a damn if prom's gonna suck next year, its better then nothing.
so whoever's going this year, I NEED PICTURES FROM ALLLLL OF YOU!!

-i recently joined the thin longs as their new bass player. going pretty good so far, considering our limited full band practices (2-3 hours every saturday, 4 rehearsals total so far) got a mess of songs down, including original material =] hope victor's doing good.

-choir concert friday was really good. beautiful stuff =]

-went to mt. sac yesterday for a jazz festival. pretty fun. got like 4th tho -.- o well, now we know wut we need to work on.

busy as hell with keeping up with grades, band rehearsals, college bullshit

o well, we'll just see wut happens.

wut to look forward to:
-SF trip is less then 3 weeks away =] cant wait
-THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-STADIUM ARCADIUM THIS TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! 2 disc set =]=]=]=]=]=] cant wait!!!

until next time........

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[21 Apr 2006|09:48pm]
[ mood | ._. ]

hey everyone =]

so a recap of wuts been goin on:

-"some enchanted evening" was great, thank u to all who came =] next year i hope it'll be shorter -.- and i hope my string bass doesnt die during intermission right before a set again x_x

-spring break was great. i had so much sleep, i couldnt sleep anymore when we got back in skool x_x but it was nice; went out, had practice, went to guitar center, slept ALOT =] it felt good waking up at noon everyday, sleeping at midnight, and with afternoon naps all in between =D

-matthew's party was super fun.

-going back to skool was really tiring. spring break was way too short x_x but it was nice getting back in classes seeing everyone again =]

-tuesday, had practice with thin longs for coffeehouse the next day.

-wednesday, coffeehouse was super fun.

-friday, academic pep rally was stupid. got home pretty early today. took the best nap ever. so i guess skool is back to normal again.

another concert coming up in exactly a week =O the events never end x_x so next week is gonna be filled with rehearsals, not to mention CST & CAT 6 testing x_x somethin to look forward to -___-

wut to look forward to:
-spring concert!! come!! april 28th and support the instrumental music program =] anyone needs a ticket, IM me.

-stupid testing....

-jazz festival on the 6th of may =] gonna be fun

-band trip to SF =]=]=] cant wait! memorial weekend.

until next time..........

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[02 Apr 2006|01:47pm]
[ mood | blank .____. ]

man, all that practice paid off =]
the musical was a really fun experience.
i had a great time playing with the actors and singers.

so a recap of the week:

last week was hell week, and man, it was hell x_x
alot of last minute work, practice, and run-throughs, but we got it together.
thursday, we did the assembly after being cancelled on tuesday,and we played our first 4 songs. it went really well, considering we did it four times. and the same nite was opening nite.
i guess for a first nite, it went pretty well. we had some minor difficulties and problems, but it came together.

friday was awesome. i personally think it was the best we've ever done. the crowd was amazing and it was alot of fun.

saturday was pretty good too.

THANK U TO ALL WHO CAME =]=] i really appreciated the support

afterwards was the cast party at mikie's
good times
i got home at 2 x__x

wut to look forward to:
BAND NEEDS YOUR HELP! come to barnes park @6 next saturday april 8th for a special benefit concert helping the instrumental music program. if u need tickets, IM me.

the year is coming to an end =/

until next time.......

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[24 Mar 2006|10:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

man super tired x________x crazy two weeks, recap:

i was sick all of last week, which sucked alot of ass.

my dad took off to china on a business trip with my uncle and was gone for the week. came back just a few hours ago.

last saturday, had practice for the musical, then went to mikie's house to practice for a gig the following night.

sunday was the night of our gig.super fun. thin longs played at a bowling alley in glendale and invited me and shaun to play with them. had alot of fun. got home at 11:30 (next morning was skool) =X

this whole week, we had practice for the musical from 4-8 x__________x so rite after orchestra, me and a few other band people had an extra 4 hours of music.

its coming together, so i hope everyone can go =D its this thursday, friday, and saturday. if u need a ticket, IM me =]

i got my senior schedule checklist today............
this is wut i hope to take at my final year in keppel:

1.contemperary themes
2.alg. II B
5.AP music theory


time is going by so freaken fast, i still dont feel like a junior.

3 colleges im looking into:
Cal State Northridge
Cal State Fullerton
Cal State LA

still cant decide.....
o well, we'll just see wut god wants

wut to look forward to: apparently theres this thing called "hell week" the week of a drama performance. that would be this week, and it is gonna be hell x_x 4-9 everyday, maybe even 10.

until next time......

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[10 Mar 2006|09:17pm]
[ mood | ok i guess ]

damn its cold!!!! x____________x garrett says these winds are blowing in from the arctic, and wut a bitch that is. after being inside for 3 periods, the temperature difference was amazing when headed over to 4th. my face froze instantly, fuck. stayed like this for the whole day too, might've even got worse later in the day. so let's recap:

monday: super dead day, rained like a bastard. had rehearsal till 5:30

tuesday: same ol' same ol'

wednesday: meeting day=good day. i had alot of fun wednesday. we played an interesting coffeehouse on wednesday, hope someone recorded it cuz it was super funny. got out at 1 and took off to stuff my face with food. after eating, (no lie) i took a shopping cart to loc's house to pick up his guitar amp to use for rehearsal (u see the pain it is to not know how to DRIVE!?!?! >=O), cuz keppel's guitar amp is a guitar amp no more. arrived at skool at 3 for a 2 hour rehearsal (but it was a good rehearsal cuz it was fun music). came home and did hw till 11. the fundraiser stuff came that day and man, that chocolate is god. that same night, i stuffed my face with half a box. now i have to figure out some way to lose weight, cuz i think im gaining x______x ive been eating alot lately. gotta stop.

thursday: ok thursday i guess. regular day, had hot house till 6 then jazz till 8. fun music, tiring as hell tho x_x came home and did hw till midnight

friday: freeezingggg!!! shit! rehearsal got cancelled, so i am now home from this ridiculous weather. i have the worst headache known to man. a mixture of stress and the cold x____x

wut to look forward to: get ready for 3 weeks of INTENSE REHEARSAL for the musical, this is gonna be fun.

April 8th-Benefit concert for the instrumental music program at MKHS. performing that evening: the Aztec Band, Keppel Jazz band, Keppel Orchestra, and other various groups. 6pm @ the barnes park ampitheatre. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT, if anyone needs a ticket, i have plenty. we need your help!

off to bed,
until next time............

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[04 Mar 2006|05:01pm]
[ mood | not feeling too hot ]

hmmmm.....well lets see wut happened this week:

hours of rehearsal
hours of hw
hours of other things
=stressed out =[


lets see, monday, had rehearsal till 6. went to a meeting regarding AP classes next year
tuesday, busy busy busy
wednesday, more rehearsal till 6. i had to skip the college fair for a band meeting at city hall regarding our performance on the 8th of april.
thursday, got some pictures taken for the program for the musical. had jazz for two hours, then did hw till 1:30
friday, more rehearsal, till 6 x_x
saturday, rehearsal from 9-2 x____x

i hope all turns out well
i hope all this rehearsal pays off
i hope for no more fucking rain >=O

wut to look forward to:
march is gonna be hell =[=[

until next time..........

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